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Access Sling


Main Features

  • Fully padded
  • Straps in front of the patient
  • Hook & Loop or Buckle Fastening options

The Access Sling is a comfortable, fully padded Sling that is easy to put on. It is designed to allow a patient to be partially undressed while they are sitting in the Sling, and is available in a variety of materials (see the Technical tab). The Access Sling with Buckle Belt has a comfortable waist belt that can be adjusted on both sides of the buckle. The advantages of this design is there is no Hook & Loop Tape that may stick on to clothing, and webbing with buckles are generally preferred by Infection Control Departments.

The advantage of undressing the patient while in the Sling is that it avoids two unnecessary separate lifts. The first unnecessary lift is from the chair to the bed, to undress the patient. The second unnecessary lift is after they have finished on the toilet and they are normally lifted again onto the bed, to be washed and dressed again, before being lifted back in to their chair. By using the Access Sling, it can save about 20 minutes in time and less disturbance to the patient when the Sling is put on them.

This Sling is also available with Keyhole Plates to fit the Tilt Frame Hoist made by some manufacturers. Please see the RPH Keyhole Access Sling. The Access Sling is an alternative to the Bosun Chair Sling, another very supportive dressing/toileting Sling.

Weight N/A

Standard White Nylon, Poly Blue, With Buckle Belt – Standard White Nylon, With Buckle Belt – Poly Blue

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Access Sling
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