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Arm Holder


This Arm Holder is used temporarily to hold the Patient’s arm. It can also be used to control a Patient who punches the Carer when fitting a lifting sling.

Fitting and removing the Arm Holder is very easy. The Patient’s arm is placed inside the sling with the end of the webbing strap pulled over the shoulder. The webbing strap is then passed across the Patient’s back under the arm and fastened.

If the Patient is punching with their other arm, the Carer can normally control one arm without needing to use a second Arm Holder.

This product is an ADL (Aid to Daily Living). It can also be interpreted as a restraint. It is recommended to approve and document the use of the Arm Holder in the Patient’s care plan. Note that if the Patient wriggles a lot, they could dislodge the end of the sling off their shoulder and then remove their arm from the Arm Holder.

The Arm Wrap is sometimes used when lifting a Patient from a bed.

General Public Restraint Authorisation Letter: If this product is purchased for use in a private home, we require authorisation from a suitable person. This is to ensure it will be used correctly and safely by the family and/or carers, and that using it will not be dangerous. Examples of a suitable person who is able to sign the letter are: Occupational Therapist; Physiotherapist; Clinical Nurse Manager; Registered Nurse; Doctor; or another suitably qualified person. Click here to print the letter template, and please return a copy to us when ordering. Note: This letter is not required when we send restraints to aged care facilities or hospitals, because their staff are already trained in their safe use.

Note: We are unable to sell this product to the USA.

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Arm Holder
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