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Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion


The Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion may be an alternative to a restraint belt. It acts as a reminder for people who forget they are unsafe to stand up.

Originally designed for wheelchairs, it also fits on some hospital armchairs, and can also be used as a lap tray. Some CVA people may rest their hands on top of the cushion. This may help prevent oedema, as an alternative to a gutter armrest.

There are two versions or the Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion available:

  • Curved – With a curved cut-out section for the stomach
  • Straight – Without a curved cut-out section

If the straight version is a little too close to a person’s body, the cover can be removed and the edge of the foam can be cut to size with an electric carving knife.

If the Hook & Loop Tape is not done up, and the person has the mental and physical ability to remove the Cushion, then this product would not be considered a restraint. However, if the Hook & Loop Tape is attached, the Cushion may be considered a restraint, and the proper authorisation for its use should be obtained.

As this Cushion is invading the Patient’s personal space, it may be better to introduce it over a period of time. Start off for about 10 minutes, encouraging the person to use it as a tray. Then take it away for a while, before refitting it again for another 10 minutes. Gradually the person may accept it as a tray and not perceive it as a restraint. This method may prevent the person becoming agitated by the cushion.

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Standard, Wide

Curved or Straight

Curved, Straight

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Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion
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