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Bed Roller Sheet


The Bed Roller Sheet is helpful for turning people in bed, and various other manoeuvres. It is very popular when caring for someone at home.


  • Move a Patient up or across a bed
  • Sit a Patient up in bed
  • Turn a Patient in bed
  • Help a Patient get out of bed without holding the Patient’s body, arms or legs, and without Carers having to lift.


The Bed Roller Sheet can be either:

  • Removed after each use.
  • Left under a Patient. The Patient, bed sheets and incontinence pad can all be turned at the same time. This means it is always easy to use, with minimum disturbance to the Patient.

Webbing handles are sewn down the sides, spaced approximately 27cm / 10.5″ apart. This product uses a strong nylon material.

Various sizes are available.

Also consider the Slide & Turn Sheet, which may be a good alternative.

All our bariatric products are listed on this page.

Weight 1.12 kg

Standard, Draw Mac, Wide, Extra Wide

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Bed Roller Sheet
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