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Hammock with Hole Sling


Main Features

  • Good hygiene access
  • Hammock style

The Hammock with Hole Sling is available in a variety of materials (see the Technical tab). It has been more popular with some double amputees or contracted patients in fall-out chairs as they may find it more comfortable than the split leg Sling design. Patients sitting in fall-out chairs can also be rolled to place the Sling under them.

To put on the patient, it is best to lay the folded Sling on the bed next to the patient and then roll the patient onto the Sling, similar to placing a draw sheet under a patient. The hole is provided for toileting and once fitted, it may be best to leave the patient sitting in the Sling to avoid refitting once the patient is sitting down in a chair. A central vertical line of stitching indicates the middle of the Sling. This should be lined up with the patient’s spine so the Sling is evenly fitted.

This Sling is also available in a strong netting or mesh material. The large holes of the netting Sling allow water to drain away after bathing. It also allows Carers to pat the patient dry while in the Sling. The smaller holes in the mesh material allow for bathing and both Slings give ventilation when the Slings are left under the patients.

A similar Sling is the Hammock with Chair Pad Sling (sold separately). This Sling has a non-slip backing and a Chair Pad is sewn to the inside. The non-slip backing keeps the Sling in position in the chair. The Chair Pad gives extra padded insulation from vinyl covers on the chairs. The Sling can be left under the patient reducing manual handling and discomfort for the patient.

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Standard White Nylon, Blue Mesh, Poly Blue, All Day Sling Material

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Hammock with Hole Sling
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