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Inflatable Led Sensory Chair

Kick back and chill out with our inflatable LED Sensory Chair. With the built-in LED light that is customisable into seven colours and IP67 waterproof rating allowing safe poolside use, the blow-up Sensory Chair creates a beautiful ambience and is perfect for Sensory needs. But the chair is much more versatile than that, thanks to its light weight and ability to be easily inflated/deflated and packed small. The sturdy coil-beam construction and wide seat provides you with just the right amount of support and cushioning for total-body relaxation, while the flocked surface feels comfortable and soft to the touch. The Inflatable LED Sensory chair is made to last, but should an accidental tear occur, our supplied repair kit should be adequate to patch your comfort back with minimum fuss.

Safety valves
Interlocking quick release valve
Comfortable flocked surface
Sturdy coil beam construction
Built-in LED light customisable into 7 colours
Powered by three AAA batteries (batteries not included)
IP67 waterproof rating
Indoor and outdoor use
Full-colour box






Colour: Grey
Overall dimension: 102cm x 99cm x 71cm
Assembly Required: Yes

Package Content
1 x Inflatable Led  Sensory Chair
1 x Repair Patch

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Inflatable Led Sensory Chair