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One Piece Underwear with Leg Zip


The One Piece Underwear with Leg Zip is normally used for patients who may try to remove their incontinence pad, either during the day or when in bed. You may have heard these referred to as ‘onesies’. The fabric is designed to help the skin breathe and reduce perspiration during hot weather. A long zip around the inside of the legs make it very easy to change incontinence pads, while the patient’s upper body is still covered.

To Use

Start by slipping the top over the head of the patient and over the shoulders and arms. If they are in bed, log roll the patient to pull the back down behind the legs. Log roll one side at a time if needed. Zip up the legs and attach around the cuffs. The Hook & Loop Tape at the ankles will hold the flap over the zip, to help avoid any pressure on the patient’s legs.

To Change Incontinence Pads

Unzip the legs and pull the underwear up to the waist and behind the back. Log roll the patient to remove the pad. Clean and re-dress the patient with a new incontinence pad, then zip up the legs.

Also consider the One Piece Underwear. This product has the zip opening at the back rather than inside the legs. To change an incontinence pad, the Carer will need to undo the zip then move the top section of the Underwear down to below the patient’s hips.

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One Piece Underwear with Leg Zip
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