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RPH Keyhole Double Amputee Sling


The RPH Keyhole Double Amputee Sling is a full body, padded, split leg Sling with head support. It is designed with keyhole plates to fit onto tilt frame Hoists that have ‘mushroom’ studs to attach the keyhole plates to.

Main Features

  • Keyhole Plate attachments for tilt frame hoists
  • Built-in Safety Straps
  • Small aperture for amputees
  • Wide legs for extra support
  • Full body with back and head support

The benefit of the RPH Keyhole Double Amputee Sling is the extra width of the leg section used under the thighs. This gives extra support when lifting. A special Leg Loop allows one of the Leg Sections to thread through the Leg Loop to help keep the Leg Sections together when lifting.

This Sling has been beneficial to many single and double amputees, but it is important to test the Sling on individual patients to ensure that they will be safely lifted.

We incorporate special Safety Straps with our Keyhole Plate Slings as an extra safety measure. These may stop the Patient falling to the floor if a Keyhole Plate comes off the stud or breaks, and can prevent a serious accident. Click on the picture for further information.

Click here to view the full range of Hoist Slings.

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Standard White Nylon, All Day Sling Material

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RPH Keyhole Double Amputee Sling
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