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Sensory Floor Lounge Chair

Sensory floor lounge Chairs are invaluable tools for children with sensory issues, offering a range of benefits that cater to their unique needs. These Lounge Chairs provide a tactile experience that can help children develop a better understanding of their environment and their own bodies. The varied textures and surfaces stimulate their sensory receptors, aiding in sensory integration and modulation. For children who may be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to touch, these mats offer a safe and controlled way to explore different textures, gradually desensitizing them to tactile stimuli or providing the sensory input they crave.







Discover tranquillity with our Sensory Floor Lounge Chair, perfect for reading or peaceful napping. The adjustable sections for the head, neck, waist, leg, and foot ensure a customized experience. Generously cushioned and wrapped in deluxe flocking fabric, this chair offers unparalleled comfort.


  • Great for reading/ napping
  • Adjustable sections: head, neck, waist, leg, foot
  • Generously cushioned
  • Deluxe flocking fabric
  • adjustable sitting position


  • Product size: 108x53cx12cm
  • Weight: Approx.: 2.8kg
  • Material: Flannel

Product Contents:
1x Sensory Floor Lounge Sofa Bed


Designed for versatility, it allows you to find the perfect sitting position. Ideal for individuals with sensory issues, this chair provides a soothing haven, catering to unique comfort needs. Embrace a harmonious blend of cosiness and sensory support with our Sensory Floor Lounge Chair.

Sensory Floor Lounge Chairs also promote gross motor skills and coordination, encouraging children to engage in physical activities while enhancing their balance and spatial awareness. Ultimately, these Lounges serve as an excellent tool for therapists and parents in creating a sensory-rich environment that fosters a child’s sensory development and overall well-being.

Ideal for children with touch sensitivity, The Sensory Floor Lounge Chair provides a secure space to explore textures. Whether desensitizing or satisfying sensory cravings, the offer a controlled and safe journey into tactile experiences.

Discover a variety of sensory equipment at MobiAssist. Enhance sensory experiences with our innovative products tailored for diverse needs.


1 Sensory Floor Lounge Chair

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Sensory Floor Lounge ChairSensory Floor Lounge Chair