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Soft Lateral Cushion


The Soft Lateral Cushion Can be used in a variety of ways. With the patient lying on their side, one end can be placed under their head as a pillow. Remember that some filling can be removed to reduce pressure under their ear. The length is then placed behind the patient’s back and taken down between their legs. When used like this, it can help prevent the patient rolling onto their back, or even rolling forward out of bed.

A Therapist should position the Cushion. They may rearrange, add, or remove filling to the Cushion to suit individual Patients.

The ordering options in the drop-down menu are:

Complete Product Complete Soft Cushion, consisting of a White Cover with a zip, filled with Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre and supplied in a zip-seal bag.
Cover Only – Black black material option To go on the outside of the Complete Product, to act like a pillow case and remove for washing. Black material may be more discreet, eg. when used in a wheelchair in public.
Cover Only – Blue Waterproof A waterproof, wipeable cover to go on the outside of the Complete Product, to act like a pillow case and remove for washing.
Cover Only – White white material option To go on the outside of the Complete Product, to act like a pillow case and remove for washing. The same white material as on the Complete Product.

When ordering the Complete Product, we recommend purchasing at least one additional Cover. This way, you can regularly remove and wash the outer Cover only, and not the Complete Product, unless it needs washing.


Cover Options

The Black and White Cushion Covers are made out of a soft, four-way stretch material that wicks perspiration away from the body. This type of material is often used in sportswear.

The Blue Waterproof Cover is made from a wipeable, breathable, four-way stretch material. The seams are heat sealed, but the zip opening is stitched. Although this Cover is mostly heat sealed, it is not described as a 100% Heat Sealed product because it has a sewn zip.

All Covers have a zip with a flap sewn over the top to help protect fragile skin. Zips are normally located away from areas that are likely to be contaminated. There is another flap inside the covers, to help prevent the filling from becoming caught in the zip. Note: The photos showing the zips are examples only. The exact location of the zip for the range of Pelican Soft Cushions varies from product to product.

Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre

The benefit of this filling is that it is possible to remove or add some of the fibre for particular pressure care and individual Patient care. When removing some of the filling it does not move or migrate, unlike micro-polystyrene beans which move to fill the gap.

Polyester is cooler and softer next to the body compared to foam or micro-polystyrene beads, and may help Patients stay thermoneutral. There is also no noise from the fibre, so if a Patient’s head is resting on a Cushion, it will be quiet.

We can also supply 2kg / 4.4lbs bags of the Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre (sold separately) to allow you to add more filling, or to fill your own cushion covers.

Soft Cushions are delivered in a zip-seal bag to allow the Cushion size to be reduced for storage and transit. Freight fees are based on weight and size, so by reducing the packing size, the cost of freight will be lower. Cushions may need to be fluffed up or re-arranged after taking them out of the bag.


The full range of Soft Cushions consists of:

soft wedge cusion Soft Wedge Cushion
soft leg abduction cushion Soft Leg Abduction Cushion
soft heel cushion Soft Heel Cushion
Soft Arm & Hand Cushion
soft general cushion - small Soft General Cushion – Small
soft general cushion - large Soft General Cushion – Large
soft hugging cushion Soft Hugging Cushion
soft lateral cushion Soft Lateral Cushion
soft u cushion Soft U-Shaped Cushion
soft ring cushion small Soft Ring Cushion – Small
Soft Ring Cushion – Large
Soft Mattress Overlay
soft hollow-core polyester fibre Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre – A 2kg / 4.4lbs bag of spare filling

Other Bed Positioning Support Products

sleep systemThe Pelican Sleep System incorporates a unique variety of specialised Bed Positioning Products including Soft Cushions, Cuffs, Wedges, and Brackets that can be used on their own, or combined with other products to ensure the best level of care for people who require assistance with their sleeping posture.



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Complete Product (White Cover with Filling), Cover Only – Black, Cover Only – Blue Waterproof, Cover Only – White

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