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Soft Mattress Overlay


  • A very soft Mattress Overlay for comfort, and to help prevent pressure sores
  • Internal soft, breathable Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre helps air to circulate
  • Can be used upside down and reversed head to toe to revive the internal fibres
  • Soft, breathable four-way stretch cover that wicks moisture away from the body
  • 10 individual pockets with a zip opening to allow fibre to be added or removed

The Soft Mattress Overlay is designed to help prevent pressure care issues developing with low to moderate risk patients to a maximum weight of 100kgs, and to be comfortable to sleep on. The cover is made from the same moisture wicking material used in some sports clothing. It has four-way stretch, and is very good for pressure care compared to a cotton fabric.

The Overlay has ten individual channels that are filled with Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre, which is the same fibre used in Pelican’s Soft Positioning Cushions. This filling has many benefits, including being softer, and normally cooler next to the body compared to foam. It is possible to take out some of the fibre from one channel via the zip opening running the length of one side of the Overlay, to add to another channel for particular pressure care. An example of this would be if a patient needed more support under their lower back area, some fibre can be taken out of the other channels and transferred to the appropriate channels to give them more back support. Separate bags of Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre – 2kg are available if extra filling is required.

Choice of two attachments:

• The Top Sheet is made from the same moisture-wicking material used to cover the Soft Mattress Overlay, and has good four-way stretch. The Sheet has press studs sewn to the corners and down the sides which are fastened to the opposite press studs on the Overlay, to keep it firmly in place. It can be easily removed for washing, like a normal bed sheet.

• The Top Sheet – Waterproof is the same size as the Top Sheet, but made from a breathable, four-way stretch waterproof material, to help prevent a patient soiling the Soft Mattress Overlay. This Sheet also attaches to the press studs on the Overlay, to be quickly and easily removed for washing.


The full range of Soft Cushions consists of:

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Soft Mattress Overlay
soft hollow-core polyester fibre Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre – A 2kg / 4.4lbs bag of spare filling
Weight N/A

Soft Overlay Mattress, Top Sheet, Top Sheet – Waterproof

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Soft Mattress Overlay
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