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Stand Up Sling


Also available: Stand Up Sling with Buckle Belt. Adjust the belt size on both sides of the buckle, without undoing it. Buckles are preferred by Infection Control Departments.

Main Features

  • Fully padded, including soft padding under the arms
  • Various attachments
  • Built-in Keyhole Plate Safety Straps (Applicable for the version of this product which uses Keyhole Plates*)

A comfortable, well padded, high back Stand Up Sling with a strong wide padded safety belt. We have designed the sling to reduce riding up under the arms. The pressure under the arms can be very painful on some brands of hoists, particularly with patients who have arm or shoulder problems. If the patient does have an arm or shoulder problem, an alternative way of using this sling is to keep the patient’s arms inside the sling with the outer lifting band wrapped around the outside of their body. Using the Stand Up Sling in this way depends greatly on the patient’s ability to co-operate and weight bear.

Some patients may use this sling upside down. The high back section is useful to help lift the buttocks.

The sling can be used with a variety of different manufacturers’ stand up hoists. When ordering, select the correct attachment method:

  • Webbing loop
  • Keyhole plates
  • Rope & ball
  • Long rope & ball attachments

* We incorporate special Safety Straps with our Keyhole Plate Slings as an extra safety measure. These may stop the Patient falling to the floor if a Keyhole Plate comes off the stud or breaks, and can prevent a serious accident. Click on the picture for further information.

An accessory to this product is the Stand Up Sling Extension Hook & Loop Tape.

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Webbing Loops, Keyhole Plates, Rope & Balls

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Stand Up Sling
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