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Thermoregulating Top Sheet


The Thermoregulating (TR) Top Sheet is designed for people who may not be able to control their body temperature when sleeping. This may be due to a number of reasons that may include:

  • A reaction to medication
  • Menopause
  • A physical disability that prevents someone from removing the bed blankets
  • A personal condition such as a form of hyperhidrosis, etc.

Pelican’s Thermoregulating range of items includes:

About the Thermoregulating (TR) Material

TR Material contains micro-encapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs), and was first developed to help astronauts maintain their body temperature. The material should help to ‘keep cool people warm’ and ‘keep warm people cool’. The material allows heat from the body to escape, or if the body is getting cold, it traps the warmth. Many people who are undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy may benefit from the cooling material.

To Fit

Place the Thermoregulating Top Sheet on the bed as a normal sheet, with the white Thermoregulating material on top, so that it is not touching the person in bed. This will prolong the life of the item. It can be used the other way around, with the white Thermoregulating Material touching the person, but because using it this way will not protect the ThermoRegulating Material, the material may not last as long.

The special white Thermoregulating material is sewn onto a standard bed sheet. There is some standard bed sheet material sheet near the pillow. When the blankets are on the bed, fold the head section of the Top Sheet over the blankets.

The Sheet should be wide enough to cover the person when they turn over.


As the reason why people perspire can vary a lot, we cannot guarantee the TR Material will work for everyone. We are unable to accept the items back for credit if they do not work, because of cross infection.

The Thermoregulating Material is a delicate material that wears out more quickly than other materials. See the Important Information tab for more information.

Would you like a sample?

Due to infection control, we are unfortunately unable to offer returns on this product. However, you are welcome to Contact Us to request a free sample of the Thermoregulating material. We will send you a small sample to try out, roughly 15cm x 15cm / 6″ x 6″, to anywhere in the world, while stock lasts. We hope this will help you make the decision if this product is right for you.

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Thermoregulating Top Sheet
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