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Turn Yourself Pad


The Turn Yourself Pad may help people with limited strength when turning in bed. The reason people may have trouble turning in bed could be due to:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Other muscular skeletal problems
  • Elderly people

About the Turn Yourself Pad

The top material will reduce the friction under the shoulders and hips when turning. It is placed on the bed and stays in position with a very strong breathable foam that will withstand commercial washing.

The Turn Yourself Pad is laid on the bed with the special foam facing down. Position the Pad with the top part just under the pillow to ensure it is under the person’s shoulders. The bottom part will then be under the person’s thighs, ensuring the hips will also be on the Pad. This product can be used on any size bed.

When turning in bed, the person can use their legs to start turning or may even use their arms as well. The top layer of the Turn Yourself Pad will reduce the normal friction under the body so it may not be necessary to lift the shoulders & hips off the mattress while turning.

The Turn Yourself Pad is also available with a layer of Thermoregulating Material sewn between the foam and the top material. This may be beneficial to people who cannot control their body temperature. It has been helpful for people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and some Cancer Patients, etc.

This product is similar to the Turn Yourself Sheet (sold separately), which consists of two layers of material that slide over each other when the person needs to turn over. However, some restless people find that it moves around too much during the night. The Turn Yourself Pad has only one layer of slippery material on top. This is sufficient to help a lot of people who do not need the extra ‘slip’.

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Standard, With Thermo Regulating Material

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Turn Yourself Pad
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