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Wheelchair Leather Push Pads


The Wheelchair Leather Push Pads are used to provide protection to the hands and to help with grip on the rubber wheel or metal wheel ring of a wheelchair.

People selecting these Pads should have guidance from a health professional to make sure these products are suitable for them to use safely.

To Use

The Wheelchair Leather Push Pads have a Hook & Loop Tape covered band, that secures around the back of the wrist. This is left permanently threaded through the plastic loop. Some people using these, will open and close the wrist section by holding the end with their teeth. This gives them more independence rather than waiting for a Carer to help them take the Pads off. The Pads will adjust in size for most people but if you need a larger or smaller size, contact Pelican to order a special size.

As this item is made from genuine cow hide, there may be some of nature’s imperfections on the hide. These will look like scars or welts on the material. When we are cutting the Pads we avoid the very bad marks, but sometimes a mark may be noticeable. We regret this is part of a natural product and cannot be avoided.

Wear & Tear

The Pad on this product is made from rubber which offers good grip for pushing and breaking. It will wear down over a period of time, particularly when breaking hard.


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Wheelchair Leather Push Pads
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