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Zoom Titan Mobility Scooter | All Terrain | 160Kg Weight Capacity

Discover the Zoom Titan Mobility Scooter, engineered for versatility and rugged performance across various terrains. With a robust 160kg weight capacity, this scooter ensures reliable support for users of different sizes. Equipped with a powerful 900W 4 Pole motor and dual 12V 80AH batteries, it offers efficient propulsion and an impressive operational range of 25km to 40km on a single charge, depending on terrain conditions.






Designed for comfort and safety, the Zoom Titan Mobility Scooter features a Sports 20″ Captain seat and a suspension system that smooths out bumps, enhancing the riding experience. Its all-terrain tyres, including a 15″ pneumatic rear tyre, and a sturdy wheelbase of 107.5cm provide stability and maneuverability on various surfaces.

Safety is paramount with LED lighting for visibility, a roll bar, and manual hand brake for control. The scooter boasts a wide turning radius of 135cm to 200cm, ensuring easy navigation in tighter spaces. With a sleek black finish and a 2-year limited warranty, the Zoom Titan combines durability, performance, and style for an exceptional mobility solution.


  • Motor Power: 900W (25:1) 4 Pole
  • Battery: 12V 80AH x 2pcs
  • Charger Size: 8AMP – Off Board 120/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Controller: S-Drive 200AMP
  • Turning Radius: 135cm – 200cm
  • Max. Speed: 10km/h
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Seat: Sports 20″ Captain seat (A2)
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 10°
  • Operation Range: 25km – 40km (will reduce on slopes, rough ground or to climb kerbs)
  • Operation Temperature Range: 10°C – 45°C
  • Operation Humidity Range: Min 0%RH – 90%RH
  • Light Bulb: LED lighting system
  • Free Wheel Mode: Yes
  • Hand Brake: Manual (no locking)
  • Safety: Roll bar
  • Footrest: 23cm
  • Tyre Tread Type: All Terrain
  • Wheelbase: 107.5cm
  • Ground Clearance: 10cm (+/- 2.5cm)


  • Weight: 183kg
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 160kg
  • Colour Options: Black
  • Tyre Size (Front): 350 x 120mm (120/60-8)
  • Tyre Size (Rear): 15″ pneumatic
  • Seat Size (W x D x H): 51 x 48 x 46cm
  • Drive Wheels: 380 x 150mm (160/40-10)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 162 x 79 x 136cm
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
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Zoom Titan Mobility Scooter | All Terrain | 160Kg Weight CapacityZoom Titan Mobility Scooter | All Terrain | 160Kg Weight Capacity