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Seatara WheelAble Travel Commode / Wheelchair with Case

The Seatara WheelAble Travel Commode is a self-propelling, lightweight, easily foldable, water resistant chair with a easily able to maneuver wheel system and a wheel lock for safety and security. It is a plastic strongly moulded travel commode, that is compact with adjustable footrest and handles that are either folded or lifted.

The adjustable footrest enables use of the Seatara WheelAble Travel Commode by residents of various heights. The armrest is pushed and folded to enhance comfort while seating. The chairs come in various unique sizes hence they can maneuver through narrow spaces as well as fit in very close and small cubicles.

The Seatara WheelAble travel commode has an optional carrying case that is wheeled. It has a universal mark that allows it to be transported through the airplane. The folding of the travel commode chair is easier and faster, hence can be done within seconds. It is foldable in five simple steps making them to fit in a plane or a car with less stress while travelling.

The cleaning of the wheelable travel commode seat is easy and does not require one to use any special product. The chair is free from tear and wear since it is made of stainless steel that is free from rusting. They are perfectly adjusted in order be used on seats of the standard toilets and for use as bedpan.

The Seatara WheelAble travel commode also has an optional upholstered seat that clips and an converts the commode to a wheelchair.



Folded Away Fully Assembled
Depth 67cm 48cm
Width 67cm 23cm
Height 54cm
Max Toilet Height 47cm
Max Toilet Width 37cm

Commode only, Commode & Travel Case, Commode, Travel Case & Upholstered Seat

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Seatara WheelAble Travel Commode / Wheelchair with Case
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